Fuse (10x) – 10 amp 250v “Quick Blow” 3.6mm x 10mm by MultiComp


10x 10amp fuses by Multicomp

This item contains ten 10 amp 250v fuses as per spec below.

Dimensions of fuse: 3.6mm x 10mm

This fuse is used in a range of applications, including some PC power supplies.

Please ensure this fuse matches the spec of the fuse you are replacing. If you are unsure, please contact us.

The full specification for this product is listed below.

Voltage Rating V AC: 250V

·          Fuse Current: 10A
·          Breaking Capacity: 50A @ 250V AC
·          Fuse Size Metric: 3.6mm x 10mm
·          Fuse Size Imperial: 0.14″ x 0.39″
·          Blow Characteristic: Fast Acting
·          Case Material: Glass
·          Fuse Type Blowing Characteristic: Fast Acting
·          Lead Style: Unleaded


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